WHY Prime


A team of experienced and dedicated teachers including eminent professors and consultants.

Successful integration of Information Technology:-

Our website has in-depth articles, practice tools and special features like smart card access to students. It also has online tests, career chats with renowned counsellors, regular news bulletins giving a wealth of information about entrance exams, their forms and alerts.

Library facility :-

To enable students to clarify their goals, explore options, plan their future and make good career decisions, we provide preparatory books and study material for all areas. No effort is spared to procure, update and maintain resources for this purpose.

Methodology :-

Detailed classroom explanation of all concepts and individual attention is part of PRIME strategy. We help students develop a sound understanding of fundamentals and a methodical approach to problem solving. PRIME offers comprehensive and self sufficient study material, in addition to online and centre based courses, as well as private tutoring and retail products. Time management and stress management is also focused on to enable students to face examinations with competence and confidence.

Special Features :-

(a) Exclusive Batches for Students of Specific Schools

Exclusive batches for students of specific schools, to suit their timings and scheduled according to their needs and timings.

(b) Value based life skills:-

PRIME provides a disciplined environment for focused learning as well as a harmoniously integrated value based life skills package for character enrichment. Its intense and rigorous programme aims to instill in students the values required for the ontemporary knowledge based society.

(c) Scholarship & Free Coaching

PRIME helps socially and financially backward students to access the same opportunities as the others by providing free coaching for meritorious students among them and fellowships for students who meet definite eligibility criteria. Treat everyone with respect and fairness. Treating every student with respect and fairness is a hallmark of PRIME.

(d) Special Sessions for Parents

Free training sessions for parents on effective parenting and personality development of teenagers, as well as career counselling that helps identify your ward’s skills, aptitudes, values, personality traits, problems and interests as they relate to career choice. PRIME supports parents with information related to their ward’s progress through its website - checklist for college application process and useful information about financial aid and other related matters.

PRIME aspires to instil in its students the attitudes and values that will prepare them for a lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

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